Bodysuit : Why You Should Buy and How to Wear a Bodysuit?

Many girls become confused regarding bodysuits whether it’s swimwear or full-torso top or undergarment. This dress type is an absolute wardrobe staple for the new women’s fashion trends. In this article, we’ll try to represent many types of bodysuits, how to wear a bodysuit and pros and cons of wearing a bodysuit. So let’s start without wasting time!!! 

What Is A Bodysuit? 

The bodysuit is a one-piece garment in the shape of a leotard or swimsuit which fits your shape stylishly. The key difference between a bodysuit and a swimsuit or leotard is that the bodysuit is normally not made for purposes of athletics or swimming. In the 1950's, an influential fashion designer launched it solely as a luxury commodity. Then after it began to rock the lovely Betty Page, the bodysuit made it a mark on the fashion industry. 

Torso shape can vary from anything from a traditional turtle-neck to the bold neckline of the plunge. While the bottom half of the bodysuit come with a thong-cut (perfect for wearing under jeans or a tight skirt), full bum cover, a short booty or even down to the mid-thigh! 

Under the sun a bodysuit will come in virtually any material to match your needs or occasion. It's also made either from lace, mesh, cotton, nylon, spandex — the textile list goes on. If you feel a bit sexy or daring in your style, the mesh or lace bodysuit could be for you! 

5 Reasons To Buy A Bodysuit 

Versatility: Having the bodysuit work for most of your outfits is surprisingly easy. You’ll look smart, relaxed, trendy, formal or simply stylish. It's just right for any occasion! 

Flattering: The body-hugging style is a beautiful and relaxed way to show off your waist and celebrate your curves, no matter what size or shape you are!

Free From Wardrobe Malfunction: Honestly, what could go wrong? You might also do downstream cartwheels and you wouldn't have to think about your top. Not that you are going to go cartwheeling down the street on a daily basis. But you get the idea!! 

Year Round Closet Staple: Buying a bodysuit is not a hassle for winter or for summer. It is merely a matter of interseasonal layering or flaunting. Hold this gem in your wardrobe all year round and there's always a need for it! 

Try At Least Once In Your Life: This design and practicality world has got to be good for something. If in your lifetime you haven't obtained a bodysuit yet, I can honestly tell you have missed it out! 

How To Wear A Bodysuit

Bodysuits may be worn with jeans, pants, skirts and shorts – you should possibly wear them with a bodysuit whatever the bottom you can think of. Bodysuit styles vary from casual to professional to sexy and glamourous. 

Only think of basic designs in stretchy fabrics for a grab-and-go look while going casual in your bodysuit. Simple tank tops bodysuits look fantastic combined with denim shorts, jogger pants or jeans. Put on some sneakers or a low block heel, and maybe even a denim jacket, and you've got a weekend-ready look that you can wear running errands, hanging with friends or going to brunch.


how to wear a bodysuit


Bodysuits are a perfect choice when you're wearing a fashionable outfit to keep your look elegant and tucked all day. The close-to-the-body design also makes it suitable for blazers and jackets. With elegant necklines and subtle colors to look cool for work under a blazer and stylish back features to show off once you're out of the office, bodysuits are the perfect piece to go from the workplace to the date night


how to wear a bodysuit

Turn to the bodysuit to create a cool-girl outfit equal sexy and versatile parts when you want to get dressed up. Opt for sheer mesh with strategic coverage, lace-up and cut-out details, off-the-shoulder and one-shoulder styles, and plunging necklines into a variety of lush fabrics such as velvet, lace and TK to show off when you're out at night. Bodysuits paired with jeans are great for a bar while leather pants or a skirt are chic options for clubs, lounges or a hot date.


how to wear a bodysuit


Bodysuits can also act like lingerie, providing a sexy base layer beneath low cut tops and slouchy sweaters to wear. These scene-stealers can also work alone, it just depends on how much skin you want to bare! 


how to wear a bodysuit

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