How To Find Wholesale Clothing Manufacturers in USA : A Complete Guide in 2023

Finding the best wholesale clothing manufacturers in USA to launch a clothing line is the strategic decision for the future of your apparel brand business in the USA. The people who have never searched for clothing manufacturing companies in the USA become worried about the reliable sources to find out the right wholesale clothing manufacturers for them. In this article, you’ll get a complete overview of the best ways to find out the perfect wholesale clothing manufacturers in USA to help you launch your clothing business.

Wholesale Clothing Manufacturers In USA vs. Overseas 

A classic question will come to your mind at the time of looking for suppliers whether you’ll source domestically (inside USA) or from overseas. Overseas can refer to any location outside the USA. Since most of the visitors of this site are from North America, we refer to the overseas wholesale clothing manufacturers from China, Taiwan and India. 

You already know that you can buy wholesale clothing items from overseas manufacturers at cheaper prices. But there are a lot more things that you have to consider at the time of taking a decision. 

Both domestic and overseas wholesale clothing manufacturers have some advantages as well as disadvantages. Let’s take an overview at some of the advantages and disadvantages below…  

Domestic(USA) Wholesale Clothing Manufacturing Companies

how to find wholesale clothing manufacturers in USA


Advantages are mentioned below: 

  • Manufacturing quality is higher.  
  • Communication medium is easy as well as efficient.  
  • Labor standards are higher.  
  • Marketing and branding are easier for North American made goods.  
  • Holiday schedules and time zones are the same.
  • No import duties and tariffs will be applied. 
  • Shipping cost will be cheaper and shipping time will be faster as well. 
  • Your payment security will be higher. 
  • Intellectual property will have the right protection.

Disadvantages are mentioned below:  

  • Manufacturing costs will be higher. 
  • Product choices will be smaller as most of the products are manufactured overseas nowadays. 
  • You have to limit your choices of the potential factories.  

Let’s discuss a wholesale clothing manufacturer Beautiful Connection Group from New York, USA. They are a professional wholesale clothing manufacturing company in the USA specialized in custom women’s apparels like coats, jackets, tops and dresses. Company grew alongside their customer base. They work to serve you at their best. They maintain the traditional tech experiences and at the same time look for artificial intelligence technology and the development and utilization of machines. They have always been working hard, trying to become the best high class women’s wear based in the fashion industry. They have been working with customers all over the world. Their consistent honesty & integrity in either business or society relations are key factors that make the local and international reputation of their company.

Overseas Wholesale Clothing Manufacturing Companies

how to find wholesale clothing manufacturers in USA


Advantages are mentioned below:  

  • Manufacturing costs will be lower.
  • You’ll get a wide number of factories/manufactures from which you can choose your desired products. 
  • You’ll get well established directories like Alibaba which will make everything easier for you to find the best wholesale clothing manufacturers.  

Disadvantages are mentioned below:  

  • Your customers may have complaints regarding the quality of your products. 
  • Manufacturing and labor standards may be lower. 
  • You have to face a larger minimum order quantity (MOQ) at the time of dealing. 
  • You have to face communication barriers. 
  • You have to deal with the customs brokers and import clearance. 
  • You have to follow different time zones at the time of communication. 
  • You have to spend money for visiting and verifying your wholesale clothing manufacturers. 
  • You have to face cultural differences in negotiating and schedules. 
  • Shipping time will be longer so that lead time will be higher. 
  • You have to pay import tariffs. 
  • Your payment security will be lower. 
  • Your overall shipping costs will be higher.  

Where Will You Look For Wholesale Clothing Manufacturers? 

Right now you have a better idea of finding wholesale clothing manufacturing partners domestically and overseas. So you can start your search. There are a few great places to find your desired wholesale clothing manufacturing partners. Let’s have a look… 

B2B Wholesale Clothing Marketplaces

We’ll recommend trying our wholesale fashion marketplace Stylepick in California. Stylepick is an online wholesale fashion marketplace dedicated to inspire manufacturers and the best wholesale women's clothing vendors through the combination of trendy styles and user friendly web interface. It is a virtual fashion district for all vendors and retailers globally. Established in Los Angeles, Stylepick offers experiential wholesale environments and a mix of the latest and top wholesale women's clothing from different vendors like J.nna, Blue B, Day & Night, Hers & Mine, Davi & Dani, Spotlite and many more.  

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Some popular online overseas wholesale clothing manufacturing directories are given below: 

Trade Shows

how to find wholesale clothing manufacturers in USA


Trade shows are goldmine for finding your potential wholesale clothing manufacturing partners. Many of the trade shows will help you to meet with clothing factory representatives. They’ll help you to source fabrics. Some popular trade shows in the USA are mentioned below:  


2. Texworld USA 

3. Footwear Show New York Expo

4. ASD Market Week 



7. Premiere Vision New York 




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Local Fashion Schools 

Another great place to find your desired wholesale clothing manufacturers is by visiting your local fashion schools. These fashion schools are a great source of the different types of wholesale clothing manufacturers and suppliers since they have to maintain a good relationship with them. Ask them through a call or emailing them for referrals to local wholesale clothing manufacturers that can help you with your project.  


Searching Google is a great way to find your best wholesale clothing manufacturers if you can spend a huge time searching for them. Usually the websites of the manufacturers are outdated and are not optimized properly for Google. So you have to search in depth. 

Try to make your keywords very targeted. Don’t search only for “wholesale manufacturers”. You have to search in a more specific way by searching the targeted keywords like “t-shirt manufacturers” “best jeans manufacturers in china” and many more.  

You can check the reviews and ratings of your wholesale clothing manufacturers online through different marketplaces and directory sites. So these reviews will be helpful for you to make your best decision.    

Short Listing And Visiting Wholesale Clothing Manufacturers

how to find wholesale clothing manufacturers in USA


You’ll have a large list of potential factories after finishing your primary factory research. At this step, you’ll try to short your list like a handful so that you can start collecting some samples based on your final products. 

When you’ll start narrowing down your list, a good strategy is to select the factories which are close to you. Because working with the nearest factories will reduce your shipping cost significantly. 

Nearest wholesale clothing factory means that it’ll reduce the cost of your factory visit and also will be convenient for you to visit at the time of quality control. Since you are serious regarding your brand and product, you likely want to visit your chosen factory before starting a wide range of production. It’s so much more convenient to deal directly through meeting and greeting than hundreds of emails and phone calls. Through factory visiting, you’ll also watch their working floor with your own eyes and can study the way they work.  

Bottom Line 

Selecting a wholesale clothing manufacturing partner is a critical decision. Never take it lightly or never make it quickly. Choosing a poor partner incurs unnecessary expenses, production delays or manufacturing poorly made products. As your wholesale clothing manufacturer is a partner and an extension of your brand, you should take enough time to choose the better one. 


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