How to Wear a Kimono : 20 Styles to Wear a Kimono Stunningly in 2023

If you look up the meaning of the word "kimono", one of the first things you'll probably come across is "something to wear". Okay, that's self-evident. How to wear a kimono is a matter of concern for the girls nowadays. Kimono is a piece of clothing that reflects beauty and elegance in such a pretty and relaxed way that it's something that so many people around the world love. 

If you already own a kimono or are considering purchasing one but are unsure whether it is something you want, there are many styles to make a kimono work for you. Let’s start discussing how to wear a kimono, especially 20 styles to wear a kimono more stunningly. 

1. How to Wear Kimono Gown

Let's begin with the kimono gown. It's essentially a wrap dress, but the big sleeves and pretty designs make it stand out. 


how to wear kimono

2. How to Wear a Kimono With Jeans

Adding a kimono jacket over your jeans is an easy way to make them look more "dressy". 


how to wear kimono

3. Strapless Dress with a Kimono

How to put on a kimono as a woman – If you have a strapless dress but want to cover up a little or the weather forecast says it'll be chilly, a kimono over it will add some modesty or take away some of the chill. 


how to wear kimono

4. How to Wear a Kimono with Belt

This is a fantastic way to style a kimono jacket. The belt adds some curves to the jacket and makes it look a little more "blous-y". 


how to wear kimono

5. How to Wear a Kimono with Swimsuit

If you've been hesitant to wear your swimsuit this year, just throw on a kimono over it. It's an understatement to say you look sexy. 


how to wear kimono

6. Kimono with Graphic Tee

Graphic tees can be worn with everything. A kimono jacket is included as well. 


how to wear kimono

7. How to Wear Kimono With Shorts

The only thing we like better than a kimono and denim jeans for casual wear is a kimono and denim cut-off shorts.  


how to wear kimono

8. Kimono with Denim Skirt

Some will believe that pairing a kimono with a denim skirt would make them appear boxy. It all depends on the cut of the skirt, the neckline of the top under it and how you choose to accessorize. 


how to wear kimono

9. How to Wear Kimono with Romper

This is a fantastic summer dress : a romper and a kimono. It will be welcomed with a day at the beach or on your back porch deck.


how to wear kimono

10. Style Kimono with Leggings 

Some women avoid wearing leggings because they believe they are too tight or expose too much. If you're one of them, simply wearing a kimono over them will help you relax. 


how to wear kimono

11. How to Wear Kimono with Mini Skirt 

If you have the same feelings about your mini-skirt as you do about your leggings, a kimono can be worn with it as well. 


how to wear kimono

12. How to Wear Lace Kimono

If you already have a silk or satin kimono that you love, why not try any that are made of different materials? (or styles). Take, for example, this lace one. It goes with so many of your summer outfits


how to wear kimono

13. How to Wear Fringe Kimono

Right now, fringe has all the rage. So, if you have a kimono with fringes on the bottom of your sleeves, you'll be right in line with the runway models. 


how to wear kimono

14. How to Wear Sequin Kimono

Do you want to add some glitz to your look? With the aid of a sequin kimono, you'll be able to do just that. 


how to wear kimono

15. How to Wear Velvet Kimono

Another big trend this year is velvet. It's impossible to go wrong with a kimono made of it. 


how to wear kimono

16. Kimono With Layered Necklaces

Layered necklaces are a hot look this season, and they look absolutely stunning with this lovely kimono jacket. 


how to wear kimono

17. How to Wear Kimono with Boots

Never thought a kimono and boots would go together, did you? Did this image persuade you to change your mind? 


how to wear kimono

18. How to Wear Kimono with Floppy Hat 

A kimono with a big floppy hat is always appropriate, regardless of the season. 


how to wear kimono

19. How to Wear Bridal Kimono Robe

Another interesting thing about kimonos is that they are called robes in Japan. If you're planning on attending a bridal shower or a wedding, invest in a bridal kimono robe. For many years to come, it will be a favorite of yours. 


how to wear kimono

20. Kimono In Cold Weather

In the winter, velvet keeps you warm. Knitted fabric is the same way. Yes, that is right. This proves that you can wear a kimono even in the winter. 


how to wear kimono


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