How To Wear Cardigans : Some Tips to Wear Cardigans More Stunningly in 2023

Right now, cardigans are a style and women are becoming tensed on how to wear cardigans in this winter. And cardigans are very practical, but these can be tricky at the time of wearing cardigans. We’ve been trying to decide what makes some cardigans look cute and others look frumpy, and our best tips are here!

How To Wear Cardigans Without Being Frumpy 

Calculate What Length of Cardigans Looks Best For Your Body Type

Women's bodies are all different. Based on all matters of fashion, some types would be more attractive to some of us than others. 

Wear a Dress That’s Belted Underneath

Make sure the underneath is form-fitting, particularly when the cardigan is slouchy; otherwise you'll look wider than you are. 

Wear The Cardigans Which Are More Fitted


For the younger crowd, slouchy cardigans are trending, but let's be honest, unless you are tall and slim, visual weight appears because of wearing slouchy oversized cardigans. 

Your Cardigan’s Arms Should Be Fitted


After comparing multiple photos of wearing different cardigans, this is another major insight which is that the ones that have skinnier arms look beautiful. So if you are slim, your tension on how to wear cardigans will be reduced mostly. 

Focus on Current Trends


As with every other clothing piece, cardigan patterns change. And if you wear a more modern style, you will still look less frumpy, as long as it is suitable for your body type. 

Show Some Skin


Many of us wear cardigans to feel cozy and warm, so it’s tempting to throw a cardigan over a turtleneck or crew neck top, but most cardigans will be a lot more flattering over an open-neck top. 

Wear Slouchy Cardigans Carefully


If it is purposely slouchy, a cardigan can be cool, but don’t try to make it actually oversized. We recommend wearing something more form-fitting underneath if you are wearing a slouchy cardigan. Wear the cardigan in such a way so that it frames the outfit instead of hiding it.   

Don’t Ignore the Back View


The long, straight cardigans have a moment right now, but before choosing to buy one, make sure to glance at the back view. They can look okay from the front, but they can go horribly wrong if you turn around. 

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