How To Wear Leggings : 3 Ways To Wear Leggings More Stunningly in 2022

Leggings are a versatile piece of the wardrobe for every girl but not everyone knows how to wear leggings properly. As part of a layered dress, leggings are considered by many to be intended to be worn. If you wear leggings as a pair of trousers, rather than as a pair of tights under other clothes, it's hard to pull off a trendy look, but obviously, the choice is yours. Leggings can be worn in any season and be trendy by combining and mixing colors and picking the right shoes. To ensure that you're wearing your leggings stylishly, follow the steps below. 

1. Firstly Know The Code of Conduct of Leggings

Don’t wear too tight or too loose leggings

Your leggings should be tight enough to cover your legs tightly, but not so tight that any dimple between your legs can be noticed by people. Make sure they're not so loose that they start bunching around your thighs, either, because it's not very flattering. In addition to looking better, you'll find those that fit well, but feel more comfortable. They appear to be unforgiving and can bunch and trigger unflattering lines on certain types of body while anyone can wear leather leggings. 

Consider leggings as pants 

Some believe that this is not the case, and they have a right to their opinion. Wearing pants and a shirt, you can comfortably step out of the house, as you can do the same with leggings, if you like. As long as you're not going to show too much, wear what you want. Pair leggings with a top or jacket that is longer. Even if the shirt hits your ass underneath, you still look like you've stepped out of the house without putting it all on. Your leggings are worn with a shirt, a skirt, or even shorts. 

Don’t wear leggings with wrong shoes

With knee-high boots, sandals, flip-flops, or even low-cut boots, leggings seem perfect. Make sure they fit your shirt and that you don't look too trashy if you wear your leggings with heels or pumps. With ballet flats or moccasins, leggings can also look good as long as the shoes go with the rest of the outfit. 

Ensure your leggings are long enough 

Once upon a time, you may have looked fantastic in your perfect black leggings, but after running them through the wash about a hundred times, you may find that they rise a few inches above your ankles or go saggy at the knee. It's time to save those leggings for days when you're not going to step out of the house, or for wearing under pants or trousers on very cold days, when you notice this uncomfortable phenomenon. 

Don’t mix leggings with jeggings 

Jeggings are jean leggings which are usually a cross between jeans or other leggings and trousers. It can help to spice up an ordinary outfit with tight, elegant jeggings, and you can wear them as you would wear trousers. Denim blue ones have a classic look with a 'boyfriend' cream sweater and loafers. Although leggings and a top that fall to your waist are a major no-no in the opinions of many people, you can match jeggings with a short shirt. Just make sure the jeggings can rock you. These are tight really, and not for everyone.

2. How To Wear Leggings To Play

Wear leggings with cute dress

Put on a short or springy summer dress and pair it with cotton leggings that match the dress's color. It's clear that the dress and leggings shouldn't be the same color, but they should be coordinated. If the dress has five different colors on it, for example, only choose leggings that fit at least one of the colors. Go for solid-color leggings if your dress is busy with designs. You can also wear a solid dress with a pair of patterned leggings and top your dress with a solid colored scarf, or do the reverse.

Wear leggings with skirt


With leggings, choose a skirt that looks fine. Make sure that the skirt color and the material do not collide with the leggings. Wear a tight shirt if you're wearing a misplaced skirt, so you don't have too much flouncy stuff going on. Wear simple leggings if your skirt features a pattern. Wear patterned leggings or leggings that are of a distinct enough color if the skirt is simple so that they do not blend in with the skirt.

Wear leggings with shorts


This can be a look that is cute and casual. All you have to do is put on a plain pair of leggings, and throw on some denim, white, or black shorts, and you're all right to go. They're not meant to be so close that the shorts blend in with the leggings. With this look, wear casual shoes. Flats would do, low boots, sandals, or even sneakers. Wear this look with a long jacket or top and a tight tank top or t-shirt. Know that when you wear shorts with leggings, you already have a lot going on, so either own it and wear loads of layers, or keep it easy, just don't go for anything in between. Try some patterned leggings if the sweater and boots are a plain, solid colour. 

Try the patterned leggings


Leggings that are striped or covered with hypnotic leopard or zebra will give you a fun and flashy look. Make sure you wear them with a jacket, skirt, dress, pants or shoes that are understated. By not letting other trends get in the way of your theme, let your leggings steal the show and prevent conflict. Pair them with some loud jewelry, if you wear loud leggings and an understated jacket. 

3. How To Wear Leggings At Work

Ensure your workplace allows to wear leggings

Even nicer leggings will make a more relaxed and playful statement, so check out your work atmosphere to see if it's suitable before you schedule your next trip to the office in your brand-new leggings. Find out to see if leggings or skirts that could be matched with leggings are worn by other people in your office.

Wear leggings of fancy material

There is nothing wrong with cotton leggings but you can consider wearing leggings that are made of suede, leather or even dark denim if you need to dress up for work. It will help you mix and match more awesome work outfits by having a range of leggings to choose from. Instead of trousers, note the law of not wearing leggings. You would look unprofessional and can embarrass yourself depending on where you live if you wear leather leggings and just a top to live. Try wearing leggings made of black velvet. Stick to black for work if you really can't give up your cotton leggings.

Don’t wear patterned leggings 

In the office, stick to either black or at least solid-colored leggings. You can look too trashy for the office if you wear patterned lacy black leggings. After work, funky-patterned leggings can be fun, but they are too playful for a working environment. That could be an exception if your leggings have subtle tiny polka dots running over dark material and they almost look solid.

Wear leggings with nice top


If you wear a fancy jacket, your leggings can be played up and made to look more fancy and fit for work. Here are a few tops that can be worn over your leggings: 

  • Wear a fitted jacket and pair it with cotton leggings over a plain shift dress.
  • With your leggings, wear a loose top and a solid-color skirt. To stop being too suggestive, make sure the skirt doesn't drop too high above your knee. To tie the whole look together, the loose top should be fancy enough.

Wear leggings with a long sweater


You will be able to pull it off with leggings if you have a long, thick sweater that falls below your fingertips. Wear a belt and high boots around the sweater that suits the sweater. The sweater has to look very good to pull this look off at work. 

Wear Shoes Adjusting With Leggings

With leggings, sandals look fantastic but are not suitable for most workplaces. In a professional work setting, avoid sandals, especially with leggings. Pair the leggings with black boots that are low or high. Wear them with shoes that are close-toed with a little bit of a heel.


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