How To Wear Rompers in This Summer (2021)

Rompers are a fantastic addition to every wardrobe! Nowadays girls are concerned on how to wear rompers. Rompers can be dressed up for special occasions with the right shoes and accessories, or dressed down for more casual occasions while still looking stylish. For the spring and summer months, you can choose rompers with shorts, or rompers with trousers for the cooler months. You'll feel confident and stylish in your outfit if you choose the right romper and accessorize it properly! 

What Is A Romper?

The most basic definition of a romper is that it is made up of a top and a bottom that are sewn together. A romper is two pieces sewn together to make one, unlike a jumpsuit, which is created from one piece of fabric stitched in one piece into a full-body garment. Although rompers may be any length on the bottom, most people think of them as having a short length. 

Choose The Right Romper

how to wear rompers


You will need to look for petite or extended sizes depending on how long the torso or legs are, so the crotch isn't too high or low. Before you buy a romper, try it on to make sure the arms, body, and legs aren't too constricting. If you're buying a romper with shorts, the shorts should be mid- to upper-thigh length. If you're wearing jeans, the hem should come to a point just above your ankle. 

How To Wear Patterned Rompers

how to wear rompers


A colorful, bright romper will add a lot of charm to your look without needing a lot of extra pieces for festivals, weekend brunches, and summertime trips. It can be extremely convenient to throw on a patterned romper, slip on some sandals, grab your purse, and walk out the door without having to think about other touches during the hot summer months. 

How To Wear Rompers With Pants

how to wear rompers


For a more bohemian look, choose a romper with wider legs, or a romper with tapered legs for a more upscale look. Be sure to try on the romper beforehand to ensure that the pants are long enough for your thighs. Rompers with trousers make it easier to transition from the street to the workplace. 

How To Wear Rompers With High Heels

how to wear rompers


Dress up your romper with heels for a casual function or night out on the town. Simply changing your shoes will transform a romper from casual to glam. If it's a romper with shorts or a romper with boots, pair it with wedges or high heels. 

How To Wear Rompers With Sneakers

how to wear rompers


Put on a pair of sneakers for a fashionable on-the-go look. If you're going to a festival, zoo, museum, or park, mixing a romper with sneakers is a perfect way to look stylish while keeping up with the crowds without having sore feet. A pair of classic white sneakers will go with almost any romper theme. 

How To Wear Rompers With Belt

how to wear rompers


A fun accent piece is a belt that you can fasten around your waist. Many rompers have elastic waists, which can be sweet, but it's also fun to add a belt to dress up the romper a little. Depending on what you have in your wardrobe, you could choose a very thin or a very wide belt. 

How To Wear Rompers With Cardigan In Winter

how to wear rompers


If you layer rompers with a jacket or blazer, you can wear them all year long. Denim jackets are perfect for the fall, blazers make rompers work-appropriate, and cardigans offer comfortable warmth perfect for a weekend with friends. 

How To Wear Rompers With Sunglass and Sandals

how to wear rompers


For a breezy, bohemian look, add sunglasses and sandals. This is a perfect look for a weekend in the summer. You might also try styling your hair in a wavy, tousled style to add to the bohemian vibe. 


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