Importing From China to USA : 15 Easy Steps to Import Wholesale Clothes from China in 2022

Importing wholesale clothes from China to USA will be a matter of concern for you if you are starting your own clothing line, or you run a retail clothing store in the USA. Well this article is going to tell you everything you need to know. 

Let's begin by talking about the unbelievably cheap designer products which you'll find on Chinese websites. To purchase designer clothes at outrageously cheap rates from China may generate fake experiences for you. If you're hoping to buy an original Chinese polo shirt for $5, the best you can find is a copy or a fake piece. So if you're looking for original, cheap designer clothes in bulk, China isn't the place to look. 

But in China you can get tons of unique clothing pieces with decent quality. Because of its low cost of production, China is the number one go-to place for cheap wholesale clothes. Most designers and wholesalers source their goods from China and you can make a lot of money from importing wholesale clothes from China to USA. Here is a guideline for wholesale clothing imported from China:- 

15 Easy Steps for Importing Wholesale Clothes from China to USA

1. Find out importation rules and regulations in your country

First, you need to know what the law says about clothes being imported into your country. Some countries usually forbid the importation of clothing products, and this may result in customs officers confiscating your goods. But there is no obligation for importing wholesale clothing products from China to USA.

2. Find out Duties and Taxes

First, if you want to release your imported products, you can get a grip on the customs duty and import taxes that you will have to pay on your goods. In the USA, you can read their basic export import rules for importing from China to USA.

3. Obtain import licenses and permit

Also, you should find out what licenses and permits you need to obtain to allow you to import clothes from China. For USA, you should read 

4. Search for a supplier in China 

A good place to find a supplier for the wholesale in China is You'd find a lot of wholesalers there but you need to be cautious and should perform thorough research and inspection before you commit to a supplier because there are plenty of fake suppliers there. 

You can also make sure to use's customer security features to protect yourself from scammers and dubious suppliers. You may also scan a supplier using online directories such as the white pages

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5. Why not visit China if you have the resources?


importing from china to usa


The reality is that when you first look for a supplier on the internet, it is not enough. Nothing can be compared to visiting various vendors, sampling the quality of their goods and negotiating physically. That would save your huge time and resources. 

6. Find out prices and minimum order quantity(MOQ) 

You should do an extensive study to find out the different prices that the seller offers. In China, prices vary, and you'd be shocked to find out that a product that sells for $20 in one place might go as low as $5 in another. Yet caution must be exercised, so that you do not end up with items of poor quality. Another thing is to look out for each supplier's minimum order quantity to ensure you can afford it. 

7. Consider drop shipping options


importing from china to usa


Drop shipping lets you save a lot of operating costs including storage, packaging, shipping, and even the expense of the employees. You will just have to think about selling and advertising the goods when you use drop shipping services and once you have an order the supplier will send the items directly to the customer. 

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8. Purchase from different suppliers 

It is not prudent, as a first timer, to commit to one supplier only. You may want to spread out your money so you can buy from 2-3 suppliers. You can commit to a supplier when you are pleased with the quality of his/her products and other services. 

9. Purchase samples 

It would be prudent to ask for samples before you go ahead to purchase from a supplier so that you can assess the quality of their goods. Chinese sizes are typically smaller than UK and US sizes and clothing pieces imported from China are not true to size sometimes. 

Looking at pictures sometimes makes it hard to judge a fabric. What's seen in the pictures will often be completely different from the actual product. To prevent this, it would be better to get samples from the supplier before purchasing in bulk quantity. 

10. Use free shipping facility 

Some manufacturers offer shipping solutions for free while others do not. Choosing a supplier that provides free shipping will cut prices which will be smarter and beneficial for you. 

11. Build a personal relationship with your supplier

For your Chinese import company the best thing you can do is building a personal relationship with your suppliers. Ask for their telephone numbers and Skype address so you can discuss your needs with them on a personal level. By doing so you will also be able to stop scammers. 

12. Fix the store for your goods when they arrive

Upon arrival of your products, you may want to consider renting a warehouse or storage room to store your products. 

13. Hire your lawyer

If you are going to spend a lot of money in the Chinese company, it will be wise for you to pursue legal assistance. Your lawyer could draft contracts and agreements which you and your supplier will jointly sign to protect your investments. 

14. Protect yourself 

It's a risky business to import from China and you never know what you could get. There are risks of scamming, risks of impounding your products and a variety of other incidents, but you can protect yourself against this by having insurance cover to protect your company. 

15. Sell your products and collect reviews


importing from china to usa


Look for ways to market the products and to deliver them to customers. You can use online retail sites such as Ebay or Amazon to sell your clothing stuff. You can also set up your own online store to sell your products. Because you're not going to be the end-user of your products; it's smart to ask your customers for feedback. Thus you'll be able to develop your products. 

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