What Are The Creative Ideas For Fashion Digital Marketing To Market Your Fashion Brand in 2023?

Within a competitive online fashion market, separating your brand from the pack can be difficult. We find that fashion digital marketing is one of the best ways to establish your brand online. Not only fashion digital marketing boosts brand exposure and sales but also it can increase brand recognition, and is easily trackable so you can get instant feedback and assess whether your strategy is working. Even we have found there are long-lasting impacts for your branding.

Fashion digital marketing displays your products in front of the target audience when it is implemented correctly. Thus your target audience become aware of your brand, buy your products and eventually become brand promoters.  

So let's start the main discussion. Here are some significant examples and ideas on fashion digital marketing that will help you to market your fashion brand: 

Retargeting Your Audience Through Facebook Ads

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After seeing an ad or visiting your website, most people are not able to buy immediately. By retargeting, you can reach the same people through reminder ads who were talking about purchasing your product. 

By building custom audiences with Facebook (with just a snippet of code), you can retarget visitors to your website, and even target Lookalike audiences to expand your scope. 

When they don't buy — after a week let's say — you can give them a small discount in the ad to get them to engage again. So the customers who have stopped shopping from your site will be targeted again through this way and your conversion rate will be maximised. 

Remarketing Through Google Shopping Ads 

Google shopping ads are a very popular PPC(pay per click) for retail branding. Here you can also retarget your audience like the people who have already visited your website, the visitors who have already purchased your products following the specific period. Remarketing always helps your visitors to remind them about your brand. You can also reach them through remarketing by showing them your new promotional offers. Thus your conversion rate will be increased.   

Run Promotion During Holidays

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You could give different incentives to buyers depending on the time of the year. 

If it's Christmas, reach your email subscribers with a fashion digital marketing plan based on compounding offers with a series of emails. For eg, you might be supporting 12 days of giving and offering a discount on different products every day. You offer a discount on shoes on day one, offer a discount on dresses on day two. Give your subscribers a reason to share their email offers on social media with their colleagues, friends and relatives.  

You may be hosting an Easter Egg Hunt on your platform before Easter. Place a fancy Easter egg on pastel dresses or tops with a discount code that could be appropriate for the occasion to promote purchase. 

Note: Always share the offers through social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram as well as writing blog posts.

Fashion Digital Marketing Through Instagram 

If you have a really famous item in your shop, run an offer on Instagram strictly. Make your Instagram followers comment on why they want to win the item in the picture for the giveaway and then add three of their mates who will like the gift too. (Who will also comment and add three other friends!) Instagram gifts can become a daily feature for your company. Thus you can offer a new item every month at the beginning. 


fashion digital marketing


Verify that you use beneficial and/or identifiable hashtags for the giveaway object. Develop a special hashtag for the promotion of the giveaway which you can use every time. 

Running an Instagram campaign will raise awareness among Instagram users about your followers and brand. 

Work With Influencers In Your Category 

Deal with a famous fashion vlogger or blogger to get in front of your ideal audience, who already has a loyal following of people based on your brand. If they want to mention, study, or even wear your products, they can generate a big impact for your fashion digital marketing to boost sales.  

You may collaborate with them to create content for a particular campaign. Their influence and creative approach regarding your products will result in great sales and interaction. 

Working with bloggers gives you two enormous things: you get in front of a new audience and, if you've selected the right influencer, you'll gain new customers and the blogger will create content for you. They'll post custom content on their blog, social media, depending on the relationship, and you (the brand) will even get the chance to use the content they create.  

Launch A Fashion Blog  

Provide your audience with constant valuable information over your fashion blog linked with your official website. 

Blog posts should be published consistently (the same day[s] of the week, the same time of day) so that the readers know when to visit, they should also be visually appealing and in general less than 500 words. Short, sweet, and to the point — what most readers are looking for now. Fashion digital marketing requires longer posts (more than 1000 words) including different images and videos. 

Longer blog posts are useful for resources and guides. Let's presume you own an e-commerce shop specializing in camping. You may create a blog post outlining the best places to camp with tips, walks, events and the best time of the year to visit in the United States. Your blog is a resource you know your clients are going to enjoy and your blog posts are connected to the goods that you want to sell in your ecommerce store. 

You can consider our Stylepick’s blog as an example. Here we are publishing blog posts regarding fashion, wholesale clothing business, wholesale clothing vendors and many more contents based on clothing niche to reach our audience in the most prominent way. 

Nurture People Who Are Not Ready To Buy Now 

A visitor isn’t always able to buy when he/she walks into your shop first. Make sure to capture his/her email address first and make an automated email series that slowly feeds new content to them and you'll also learn their buying preferences, such as how many emails you need to convince the visitor to become a customer. Use attractive email templates so that your visitors will engage in it.


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People add items to the shopping cart and then forget everything about it. Send email reminders to those who added items to their shopping cart but did not purchase. Send them email in intervals: the next day, the next week, and maybe the next month along with a discount code to promote purchase.

Remember Customers’ Birthdays 

Send your customers a happy birthday card via email with a coupon code (#happybirthday).  

“Happy Birthday Sara, Here’s our birthday gift for you! Enjoy!”  

Bottom Line 

Fashion digital marketing can be a relatively easy and enjoyable way to increase awareness and sales of your brand. Although you don't need to employ all the above strategies we've outlined here, you'll likely find that each strategy can improve revenue & brand recognition. And the more you use the strategies, the more your brand identity would be greater.


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