Wholesale Clothing Vendors in USA : Making Profit Through Reselling in 2023

Are you trying to start your reselling business in the USA? But you have no idea where to start. This article will cover the full guide to start and to buy from the wholesale clothing vendors in USA. Right now the estimated value of the apparel industry in the United States is 367.93 billion dollar alone. You can generate lucrative profit from this industry in different ways. Let’s discuss....

1. Study The Market 

First of all, you have to understand 3 main clothing procurement models.  

1. Making Your Own Clothing: 

  • A designer will make each piece by hand;
  • You’ll manufacture your products in your own factory;

2. Completing Only The Design: 

  • You can outsource your production to an independent factory;

3. Launching A Reselling Business: 

  • You can buy your wholesale products and can resell those for a higher margin.  

Recommendation: We’ll suggest reselling business. You’ll buy from the wholesale clothing vendors in USA and will resell them in the retail markets. It’s the easiest possible way to make leverage from the apparel industry without allocating a huge amount of money. It’s also the fastest way to launch your own business.  

2. Planning For Resale Business

Buying items from the wholesale markets and reselling those items in the retail markets for a higher price are the main basic idea of a resale business. There are plenty of categories in the apparel industry to start your business. We’ll recommend you to start with your passionate category.  

Choosing The Type Of Clothing: 

1. Select A Niche Market: There are many niches available in the market. For example, men’s dress clothes, children’s play clothes or women’s party dresses and many more. You have to be creative about your niche. 

2. Starting A Boutique Store: Boutique clothing stores sell fashionable boutique clothing items that the contemporary young people love to wear. 

The steps we recommend 

  • First make a list of dynamic niches on which you have interest;
  • The corresponding clothes in those niches must have demand; 
  • Try to build a brand with your niche products. Because, branding = accountability.

3. Your Selling Process

You have to decide in which ways you want to sell your products. The 2 main ways are physical store and online store.


wholesale clothing vendors in USA


Physical Store 

When you want to sell from a physical location, you have to study about your local competitors. If your competitors are selling your niche products a lot, you should change your niche or you may change the location of your store. By finding out the unmet demand of a specific niche product, you can make a lucrative profit.  

The potential costs associated with the physical stores are 

  • Significant renovation fees 
  • Shop rent and utilities 
  • Hangers, shelves and registers 
  • Employees’ salary and insurance 
  • Decoration for the good experience of the customers  

If you can target the right market with your significant products, your establishment cost will be covered with your profit as soon as possible. 

Online Store

Obviously online stores have lower costs than physical stores. But you’ll lose the foot traffic. 

Let’s discuss about the business models of online store  

  • You can sell on your own websites 
  • You can also sell on other multi vendor ecommerce sites like Amazon, Ebay

From the study of the 2 stores above, we’ll summarise that you have to encounter the below costs for both 

  • Storage 
  • Shopping cost 
  • Advertising  

It may be harder for you to grow your business online. But if you have a good digital marketing plan and can implement that plan properly, you will make significant profit from here.

4. Selecting Products


wholesale clothing vendors in USA


Currently we have a misconception that a little manufacturing is done in the USA. We think that most of our textiles are manufactured in China or other third world countries where the labour cost is reasonable. But right now the sourcing strategy for textile products is being changed day by day in the USA. Because the labour cost in China is rising drastically. Besides high lead time, high minimum order quantities and communication problems are other reasons so that the retailers from the USA are changing their sourcing strategy. So we’ll recommend buying wholesale clothing products from the wholesale clothing vendors in USA. 

Try To Make Your Choice Narrow 

You have decided what type of shop you’ll open. Now you have to narrow down your niche even further. Our recommendation is to discover your target customers first. Next select the clothing that will generate appeal to your target customers. You may advertise to reach your target audience.   

Our step by step recommendations to pick the products are 

  • First you have to make a single unit to sell 
  • You should start by buying 30 to 50 single units 
  • Evaluate the quality of the products 
  • Then you’ll increase your unit of purchase 

5. Using A Platform 

You may get scammed by the wholesale clothing suppliers. So always try to find out the trustworthy vendors in the USA. We’ll recommend you the wholesale marketplaces in USA  which have trustworthy and verified vendors.  

By following the wholesale marketplaces, we’ll recommend Stylepick from California. Stylepick is an online wholesale fashion marketplace dedicated to inspire manufacturers and the best wholesale clothing vendors in USA through the combination of trendy styles and user friendly web interface. It is a virtual fashion district for all vendors and retailers globally. Established in Los Angeles, Stylepick offers experiential wholesale environments and a mix of the latest and top wholesale women's clothing from different vendors like J.nna, Blue B, Day & Night, Hers & Mine, Davi & Dani, Spotlite and many more. 

6. Abiding By Foreign Textile Regulations

Before choosing the wholesale clothing vendors in USA, you have to make sure that your country’s regulations are followed properly. There are plenty of regulations for clothing in the USA. Let’s check the list of US requirements. Make sure that your wholesale clothing vendors in USA are following these requirements. 

7. Evaluating Wholesale Clothing Vendors In USA


wholesale clothing vendors in USA


Choosing wholesale clothing vendors in China can be compared to the guessing game. Even after knowing about the reviews regarding the products, it will be dauntless to choose one. Nowadays wholesale buyers are sourcing the wholesale products from the wholesale clothing vendors in USA because of the low lead time, product quality and authorized by the US government.  

Always try to read all the reviews from the wholesale clothing buyers where you are going to invest. By following the reviews, you’ll get the detailed idea regarding the buyers’ thinking about the brand. 

A few bad reviews don’t mean that the wholesale clothing vendor is not good. You can assume that those negative review holder wholesale buyers made mistakes at the time of buying wholesale clothing. But if a vendor has a lot of negative reviews, be aware of that vendor. 

For details, you may read choosing wholesale clothing supplier in USA 

8. Always Make Yourself Updated

Trends in the market are always changing. Today’s popular products may nor be popular tomorrow. So updating with the trends will always affect your selling behavior.  

Let’s consider a scenario of the most popular denim which is Ripped Jeans. 

As you are a wholesale buyer, you have to choose the ripped jeans for sale. At the initial stage, you may not sell well. But when the ripped jeans will become popular among the general public, they will start to buy the product in larger amounts. If a lot of trendy styles are emerging from denim, you should try to invest a balanced amount for all the styles. Because you don’t know which one will grab the market. 

At last, your selling pressure will be increased during holidays and before other occasional days. You have to understand the lead time of the different wholesale clothing vendors in USA. Because you may buy in advance. We always suggest keeping the backup vendors. Because your selected wholesale clothing vendors will not meet your demand always during your sales season. So keeping additional wholesale clothing vendors is always safe.


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